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JANNAF Digital Online Collection

The JANNAF Digital Online Collection (J-DOC) is the premiere library for limited distribution papers and publications on rocket propulsion systems, hypersonic technologies, large guns, and energetics.

All unclassified, Distribution Statement C (and lower), JHU/ERG and CPIA publications as well as all JANNAF, JANAF, and ICRPG papers and standards are available for immediate download. More restricted papers and publications are searchable within J-DOC and can be obtained from JHU ERG by request.

J-DOC is available to U.S. Government civil servants with JANNAF accounts and to attendees of JANNAF Joint Subcommittee Meetings. Access to J-DOC is granted for 1 year.

J-DOC is also included with the subscription to JHU/ERG technical services.

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