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Our History

Over 75 years of service to the aerospace, energetics, and propulsion community

We are proud of our history. In 1946 the Navy Bureau of Ordnance realized that the wealth of knowledge generated during WWII, in particular by the Office of Scientific Research & Development, needed to be collected and leveraged to ensure continued success in propulsion and energetics research. That December the Solid Propellant Information Agency opened its doors at the Johns Hopkins University. Today the Energetics Research Group continues to serve its role as the nations leading resource for propulsion and energetics information and analysis. Through our extensive library, technical expertise, and contacts throughout the U.S. propulsion community, the ERG works to advance the state of the art and translate scientific and technical research to support U.S. government and industry programs.


As part of the Whiting School of Engineering our team of research scientists, engineers, and faculty can develop and execute programs to tackle the hardest problems facing the propulsion & energetics community. From experiment to independent review, we can help solve your most pressing challenges.


We started as a library. We know data. For over 75 years ERG has collected, organized, managed, and archived scientific technical data and literature. We build tools to help the entire industry get access to the information and data they need.


Researchers and engineers at ERG are problem solvers. From developing a fuel thermal stability spec test for rocket propellants to building an effective tool for humanitarian workers to de-arm mines in conflict zones. Let us help solve your challenges by offering innovative solutions.


Over 800 people attend meetings and workshops planned and managed by ERG every year. We specialize in ITAR and restricted attendance meetings. From small workshops to multi-day multi-track events, ERG is able to provide beginning-to-end services to make your event a success.


We work to build successful teams. Our Rolodex is deep, if we cannot provide the expertise you need we almost certainly know who can. Ask us.


Over 100,000 documents are managed by ERG, nearly all of them limited distribution or ITAR. We are experts in not for public release publications; from standards, guidelines, technical reports, to the JANNAF Journal of Propulsion & Energetics – the first ITAR peer-reviewed scientific journal; the ERG can research, develop, author, and publish what you need.

Ask the Experts

Our staff of research engineers can help you solve your challenges. Through our one of a kind library of energetics technical reports and papers (over 100,000!) or our extensive contacts within government, industry, and academia; we will be able to provide you with answers.