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Our core competencies are scientific & technical information collection & management, specifically for ITAR restricted and limited distribution sources. Over our 70+ year history the ERG has worked hand in hand with the US Government and the US industrial base to collect, create, organize, and distribute datasheets on all aspect of rocket propulsion systems.

Access to the ERG collection of information is free to the US Government as one of JHU ERG’s key roles in support of the Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force (JANNAF) Propulsion Interagency Committee. The US Industrial base and Universities can access this information as well.* JHU/ERG offers a subscription service to the databases and library.

*Commercial and Academic organizations must be registered with the DLA Joint Certification Program (JCP), have a current US Government contract, and the concurrence of that contracts CO/COR/COTR to obtain limited distribution information.

In support of the fundamental mission of the JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee, ERG staff members have worked side by side with government and commercial counterparts to develop a series of databases and online tools for the JANNAF community. Each of the databases is updated with new information as it becomes available and represents the most comprehensive collection of scientific and technical information on propulsion systems, propellants, and facilities available to the rocket propulsion and greater JANNAF community today.

The JANNAF Digital Online Collection (JDOC) contains the entire history of the unclassified JANNAF collection of more than 25,000 papers, reports, standards, and manuals. These products are available in their entirety in a downloadable PDF format. In addition to JANNAF papers, publications, and manuals; JDOC includes digital version of the JANNAF Journal of Propulsion & Energetics as well as articles awaiting publication.

The JANNAF Journal of Propulsion & Energetics is the first ITAR restricted, limited distribution, peer reviewed journal of it’s kind. The Journal provides a place for the US government as well as academia and industry to access and publish high quality articles on topics that would normally not be allowed in a public journal. Journal articles are available in-print at JANNAF meetings, by request, and can be found online within JDOC.

As a service to the propulsion community, ERG provides distribution and support services for many of the government sponsored propulsion computer codes, colloquially known as the “JANNAF” codes.

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