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JANNAF News - Spring 2017 edition

Highlights of this issue include a preview of the upcoming May 2017 JANNAF Meeting in Kansas City, Mo.; an obituary for longtime JANNAF member Carl. A. Aukerman; a review of the PIB Specialist Session on Additive Manufacturing at the December 2016 JANNAF Meeting; and a general review of the fall 2016 JANNAF Meeting.
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JANNAF May 2017 Meeting - News!!


64th JANNAF Propulsion Meeting (JPM)
Programmatic and Industrial Base Meeting (PIB)
44th Structures and Mechanical Behavior (SMBS)
40th Propellant and Explosives Development and Characterization (PEDCS)
31st Rocket Nozzle Technology (RNTS)
29th Safety and Environmental