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JANNAF News - Spring 2019 edition

The Spring 2019 edition (Volume 8, Issue 1) of JANNAF News is now available on the JANNAF website in PDF format.

Click Here to open.

Highlights of the issue include information about the upcoming June 2019 JANNAF Meeting in Dayton, Ohio, a review of the previous December 2018 meeting in Vancouver, Wash.; a conversation with hydrazine expert Eckart Schmidt; and PEDCS and SEPS Best Papers from the December 2018 JANNAF Meeting.

JANNAF December 2018 Conference--Latest News!

The Final Program for the December meeting has been uploaded to the meeting website. As time permits, the online version will be updated between now and the start of the meeting. The Final Program is ITAR restricted with limited distribution (statement C) and requires login to your JANNAF Secure Portal account.

Johns Hopkins Engineer Participates in Robotics Competition at NASA

CaptionA robot travels through a tunnel buried deep underground. Using its camera, it searches every nook and cranny in the dark passageway for potential hazards. It relays this information to its operators in real time, giving them vital information to protect people who will eventually make the same journey.