Small Team Collaboration

The Small Team Collaboration section of the portal provides the ability for users to interact in small groups to tackle specific problems or tasks. Access to these groups is controlled by the leader of each team.

The teams have access to their own mailing list, announcements, task list, and file sharing. The file sharing includes a check-out / check-in system for collaborative editing and automatically tracks file version histories.

To request a Small Team Collaboration site please contact the webmaster, Requests are subject to approval by ERG.

JANNAF Journal
JANNAF Journal review and editing.  This team site is for demo purposes only.

ERG Technical Staff
This workspace is for JHU-WSE ERG’s Technical Staff to utilize the small team collaboration tools for our internal technical projects that require a collaboration space.

Public description

AFRL Test Plan Independent Assessment
Collaboration site for the 'AFRL Test Plan Independent Assessment' project.

Air University (AU) is assessing future space access concepts that are being developed by industry - and then how those conceptual developments might be integrated into the U.S. Air Force's long-term, strategic space access policies.  AU is therefore partnering with a team that...