One of the ERG’s most significant supporting activities for the chemical propulsion community is its Technical and Bibliographic Inquiry (TBI) service. Whether it’s an answer to a simple technical question, a literature search, or a query that requires more in-depth research and analysis, the experienced ERG staff, most of whom have spent significant portions of their career in the propulsion industry, give ERG the ability to fully leverage its vast scientific and technical information collection for the benefit of the propulsion scientific community. This combination of resident technical knowledge, internal and external databases, and subject matter expertise network provide an extremely cost-effective source of technical information and data necessary to support industry research and development.

The ERG responds to most routine inquiries within 48 hours. Other more detailed requests are considered “extended” technical inquiries and may take several days or weeks to complete. Results are permanently retained in the ERG database so that critical information may be shared among the U.S. propulsion community. For more information or to place an inquiry, eligible individuals and organizations may contact the ERG Technical Inquiries line at 410-992-7301.