JANNAF and the IAC Program Streamline, Collaborate and Stay Nimble

Change is afoot in the propulsion community!


JANNAF and the IAC Program Streamline, Collaborate and Stay Nimble

As of January 1st 2014, the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) initiated the final phase of restructuring the Basic Center Operations (BCO) of the Information Analysis Center (IAC) program with the award of the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC). The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) will continue to provide technical analysis support in propulsion and energetics as a key member on the DSIAC team led by SURVICE Engineering Company; and continue to engage in data discovery, analysis and response to technical inquiries.

After nearly 35 years of participation in the DTIC IAC program, JANNAF support activities will be migrated to a contract sponsored by another government agency, ushering in a new era of joint agency cooperation in the propulsion community, and continuing six decades of uninterrupted service to the field. The Johns Hopkins University will continue to provide administrative and technical support for JANNAF until an acquisition strategy is announced for the future structure of JANNAF operations. JANNAF does not anticipate any interruptions to the conference schedule moving forward, and are currently looking forward to hosting 400+ people in Charleston, SC this coming May.

Although change is afoot, rest assured that JANNAF will continue to operate decades into the future.

The Johns Hopkins University will also continue to operate the Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center (CPIAC) as a research center at the Whiting School of Engineering through the end of the year, at which point JHU will unveil a new name and expanded mission to take the organization into its next generation of service. All current ongoing research projects and task orders conducted by CPIAC will continue on at JHU through their planned period of performance using the contract they were initiated under.

What do these changes mean to you?

First and foremost, they mean continued and expanded access to world class service in technical analysis through re-crafted and streamlined IAC and JANNAF programs. Second, they mean no interruption of service for the critical support that you get from these activities, including response to inquiries, access to databases, attendance at workshops and conferences, and all of the other services that have become so integral to the propulsion community.

What if I have a question about the capabilities of the new DSIAC?

Check the DSIAC website at www.dsiac.org, contact DSIAC directly at 443-360-4600, and watch for the DSIAC Journal coming out soon.

What if I have a question about a JANNAF conference?

Contact JHU/CPIAC at 410-992-7300 or check the JANNAF website at www.jannaf.org.

Will I need to do anything different to access the CPIN Propulsion Databases or JANNAF Propulsion Codes?

No, the propulsion databases will continue to be available through CPIAC and JANNAF from the current CPIAC homepage link at www.cpiac.jhu.edu, and the propulsion codes will continue to be managed for JANNAF by JHU/CPIAC.

What if I need a JANNAF paper or meeting proceedings?

Contact JHU/CPIAC at 410-992-7300, JANNAF papers and proceedings will continue to be available electronically in PDF format or on CD.

What if I need a document from the legacy CPIAC collection that isn’t a JANNAF paper?

Contact DSIAC at 443-360-4600 or logon to the DTIC Gateway at www.dtic.mil/dtic/ for dynamic online access.

Who should I contact with my Technical or Bibliographic Inquiry?
U.S. Government employees from JANNAF funding organizations (Army, Navy, NASA, and Air Force) should continue to contact JHU/CPIAC directly for inquiries. Industry, non-profit and academia with active subscription accounts should continue to contact JHU/CPIAC directly for inquiries. Other U.S. Government organizations should contact DSIAC directly to establish proper credentials and to initiate the inquiry.
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