Important May 2020 Meeting Update

Dear JANNAF Community,
On behalf of the JANNAF Technical Executive Committee (TEC) and Programmatic and Industrial Base Executive Committee (PEC) I hope you are all healthy and safe during these extraordinary times caused by COVID-19. JANNAF has obviously been impacted by this situation.
It is clear that the May 2020 JANNAF Meeting will not be held face to face in Pittsburgh this month and the TEC and PEC will be working with the Energetics Research Group to determine the path forward. We'll keep you informed of the plan within the next couple of weeks. 
We appreciate your patience while we worked through the resulting changes necessary in the JANNAF contract to address the May 2020 meeting. The Air Force JANNAF contract construct for our large meetings was not set up to address anything like COVID-19. Only the Edwards AFB Contracting Officer (CO) can commit the Government's funding on the current JANNAF contract. The CO needed to determine if it was legally and financially (appropriation and availability of resources) possible for us to provide the additional funding necessary on the existing contract to change the May 2020 meeting at all. Additional consultation and information was required to successfully resolve this JANNAF dilemma.
Over the past weeks we successfully obtained legal review of the contract and finance clearance to be able to use Government funding as a bridge to sustain the large meeting support between times of receiving registration revenue. Our contracting office officially stated on 1 May 2020 we would be modifying the contract to accommodate JANNAF impact driven by COVID-19.
We will probably have more challenges to JANNAF driven by COVID-19 in the future but I'm confident we can work through those as well. Please continue to do the amazing job you are to accomplish the mission while hopefully keeping yourselves, your families and loved ones safe and healthy!
Drew DeGeorge
Chair, JANNAF Technical Executive Committee
Member, JANNAF Programmatic and Industrial Base Executive Committee
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